Torino (TO) 13-03-2019 / 06-01-2020
Immagine Guida - Archeologia Invisibile

The aim of this exhibition is to illustrate the principles, tools, examples and results of the meticulous work to recompose information, data and notions made possible today by the applying science to studying archaeological findings.
What can an object tell us of itself? Our own senses extrapolate its aspect, dimension, shape, colour, as well as the traces that man, nature and time may have impressed upon it. And yet, none of this is sufficient to reveal its entire history and life cycle.

Archaeometry allows us to interrogate objects: thanks to the growing interaction with the abilities of chemistry, physics and radiology, the material legacy of the collection of the Museo Egizio reveals otherwise inaccessible elements and news.


Wednesday 13 March 2019 / Monday 6 January 2020


€ 15,00
€ 0,00 Free Children under 6; Abbonamento Musei holders
€ 11,00 Aged 15
18; journalists (ID required)
€ 1,00 Children 6 to 14


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