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Leonardo da Vinci. Torino - Piemonte

Torino (TO) 15-04-2019 / 31-12-2019



Remembering the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, five hundred years after his death - highlighting his extraordinary creative talent, that of a man who dedicated his entire life to art, innovation and science: this is the intent of the City of Torino in collaboration with the Regione Piemonte, the Royal Museums and the Torino Museums Foundation.

The celebrations dedicated to Leonardo are for Torino - a city that houses a very precious collection of autograph drawings including his “Portrait of a man in red chalk”, considered to be his self-portrait, in the Royal Library of Piazza Castello - a great opportunity to enhance and promote throughout the world the historical heritage of the Renaissance: from art to literature, from music to science and architecture and, more generally, to the art of living.

A rich schedule of events, from April to December, includes concerts, conferences, conventions, exhibitions, meetings, installations, itineraries in nature, workshops, shows and talks, which will revolve around Leonardo’s masterpieces on display at the Royal Museums.

In fact, on April 15th, in the Sale Palatine of the Sabauda Gallery, the exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci. Drawing the future” will be inaugurated. It is an extraordinary exhibition of over fifty works, dating from about 1480 to 1515, which differ for subject and inspiration, able to document the artist’s activity from youth to full maturity. Among these the collection of thirteen autograph drawings, including the Self-portrait of Leonardo, along with his “Codex on the Flight of Birds”. Works by other great masters will also be visible, from the Florentine Pollaiolo to the Lombards Bramante and Boltraffio to Michelangelo and Raffaello.

To welcome visitors and tourists, Turismo Torino e Provincia has created a special edition of the Torino+Piemonte Card which, for the occasion, will become a magnet to take home. By purchasing the card you can visit the exhibition “Leonardo Da Vinci. Drawing the future at the Royal Museums for free (16/04- 17/07), the most important museums and exhibitions in Torino, the castles, the fortresses and the Royal Residences of Torino and Piemonto, and enjoy special access to other initiatives related to the celebration of genius.

All appointments are described in detail online at www.leonardoatorino.it



Monday 15 April 2019 / Tuesday 31 December 2019

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