Torino (TO) 17-09-2020 / 17-01-2021
immagine guida - Rock the mountain

Can we think of our favorite records without immediately seeing the cover or associating them with specific moments in our life?

Vinyl covers are an expression of our time and theirs, a representative product of popular culture and an indelible mark imprinted on individual and collective memory.

The “Museomontagna” in Torino has a rich collection of vinyls with mountain-themed covers, and through a selection of this unique heritage, the exhibition “Rock the mountain!” - until 17 January 2021 - traces the evolution of both the communication strategies of the music industry and the taste for the representation of the mountain over the last fifty years: from rock to soul, from folk to metal, from electronic to disco music, up to avant-garde research and experimentation, over one hundred vinyls divided into the sections “Visions”, “Scenarios”, “Explorations”, “Sports”, “Soundtracks”, “The Matterhorn”.


Thursday 17 September 2020 / Sunday 17 January 2021

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