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Fossano (CN) 06-04-2019 / 28-07-2019
Sapori di primavera

Sapori di Primavera (Flavours of Spring) is a food itinerary dedicated to the search for the many delicacies of the province of Cuneo, with a rich programme of events running from March to July 2019: from Piedmontese beef to the famous cheeses, from river fish to spices, from aromatic herbs to fine fruit, from chocolate to honey. Gastronomy and tourism come together in a festive atmosphere and welcome the visitor to a hospitable territory, rich in history, culture, traditions, breath-taking mountains and unspoilt nature.

The most important events include:

Festa del Po (Po Festival), a festival that celebrates spring with exhibitions, film screenings, guided excursions and gastronomic moments featuring river fish and local products (6-7 April, Faule - Vecchia Distilleria - Parco Monviso)

Mostra Zootecnica Regionale (Regional livestock show), an opportunity to admire cows, bulls and calves with unique characteristics in terms of yield at slaughter and quality of meat (7 and 8 April, Cuneo - Loc. Ronchi- Area Fieristica "MIAC")

92’ Fiera del vitello grasso (92nd fattened calf show) dedicated to Piedmontese veal and veal from other breeds of cattle reared in the province of Cuneo. Local breeders show their best "champions", for assessment by a panel of butchers and breeders, accompanied by meetings, entertainment and gastronomic events. (10 April, Fossano - Foro Boario)

C’è Fermento (It’s Fermenting) is the craft beer fair launched in 2010. A national event that offers one of the best selections of breweries from different regions of Italy. A festival dedicated to beers and the culture of responsible drinking, with meetings, initiatives and workshops aimed at exploring the topic. (20 – 23 June, Saluzzo)

Fiera degli Acciugai (Anchovy Sellers’ Fair) featuring typical local products, linked to one of the travelling trades originating in the Maira Valley, is the commemoration of the antique use and consumption of anchovies in traditional recipes. Protagonists of the event are, in addition to anchovies, salt-cod, stockfish, cod, sardines, tuna in oil, olives and local products. (1 and 2 June, Dronero)

Sagra della Fragola (Strawberry Fair) welcoming tourists and visitors with displays of strawberries and berries and a variety of tastings. The day will be filled with concerts, markets, entertainment, photographic and painting exhibitions (8 and 9 June, Peveragno)

Sagra della polenta saracena (Buckwheat polenta festival), typical dish prepared with potatoes and buckwheat flour and served with leek sauce and dried mushrooms (14 July, Ormea – Barchi).


Saturday 6 April 2019 / Sunday 28 July 2019

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