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17-11-2020 / 28-11-2020
Terra Madre


The journey of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto continues, and in its November stage it explores, among other things, two major issues related to food policies, giving voice to the stories and experiences of communities around the world.

The program of the forums, moments in which the members of the Slow Food network discuss issues related to agriculture, nutrition, sustainability, biodiversity and models of production, addresses the theme of forests: Tuesday the 17th Food and Cultural Heritage; Thursday the 19th The Model Forests of the Mediterranean: Communities, Products, Management; Saturday the 21st Men and Trees: a paradox and The Food System of Forest Peoples and the Threat of Land Grabbing; Tuesday the 24th The Urban Food Forest Revolution; Friday the 27th Food That Comes From Water: Rice. All of the events are by registration: follow the instructions, and you will receive an email of confirmation with the link to where you can register.

The Food Talks are back, seven videos lasting 10 minutes each during which writers, economists, philosophers, anthropologists, ecologists, educators and cooks, offer their own vision about what is most important to us: the environment, agriculture, nutrition. Both “How do you do it?” - created by Lavazza, Agugiaro & Figna, Cuki or produced by delegates from the international network - and the online cooking courses of the “Cesarine”, the oldest network of cooks and home cooks in Italia, continue.

From November 17th to 22nd there will be link-ups with Terra Madre Brasil, the Brazilian Slow Food network, with roundtables, discussions, taste workshops, educational spaces dedicated to the culture of food, art installations.

And finally, on Saturday the 28th the first edition of Slow Rice will take place in Wenzhou, a festival organized by the local Slow Food Community for the enhancement of the territory.


Tuesday 17 November 2020 / Saturday 28 November 2020

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