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Torino (TO) 11-09-2019 / 26-10-2019
Torino Danza

Torinodanza festival continues to explore the world through the views and insights of the choreographers of the new Millennium. Awareness of the other, a sensitive outlook, the exploration of different cultures, and an interest in new forms of spirituality are some of the themes running through the latest edition of Torinodanza, which confirms its expressive momentum structured around the outstanding and distinctive nature of works that have marked the international scene in recent years.

The most urgent themes that affect a globalised society are similar, and they tend to converge towards complex interpretations: dance, in its highest connotation as an expressive form of contemporary art, proves to be a powerful language for communicating the existential condition of these early years of the Millennium, and our artists attempt to lead us towards discovering our collective consciousness. The project behind Torinodanza festival has its roots within the international sphere of contemporary dance, which has become the most advanced area of research, driven by artists who are citizens of an open, transnational, multiethnic and multidisciplinary world. For several reasons, an international festival brings a city and its territory a unique opportunity: it supports the cultural growth of a community, it sows invisible viral elements that provide fertile ground for the training of artists and companies, and it contributes to forming a meaningful system which is vital for defining the grammar and syntax of our contemporary, collective imagination.

 Anna Cremonini  Artistic Director of Torinodanza festival


Wednesday 11 September 2019 / Saturday 26 October 2019


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