Ecomuseo della Resistenza

New museum opening in Sangone Valley!

The Eco-museum of the Resistance open in Coazze from 20 February 2022. It tells the story of the Resistance in the valley and its community between 1943 and 1945, a long historical journey of events, men and women, religious men and women, symbolic places up to the Liberation and beyond.

A path underlined by crucial passages and events such as the capture of Commander Milano and the organisation of the gangs in the mountains, the great round-up in May 1944 and the merciless reprisals, the bombed out villages, the conquest of the powder magazine of Sangano, the death of partisan commander Sergio De Vitis, the wounding of commander “Genio” Eugenio Fassino in the attack on the Nobel dynamite factory in Avigliana, the hanging in Giaveno of the “Campana” - Marquis Felice Cordero di Pamparato -, the tragic autumn of Giaveno.

The Ecomuseum also aims to provide visitors with a new and up-to-date interpretation of that great historical period from which the Republican Constitution was born: without wishing to take anything away from the drama that those moments represented, tourist and excursion suggestions are offered, proposing itineraries in search of places that today are places of extraordinary scenic and natural beauty, as well as testimonies of life.


Friday 18 February 2022



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