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08-12-2021 / 02-02-2022

The province of Granda gets dressed up in festive mood to welcome tourists and the curious, with many initiatives scheduled for the coming months, including the road of Nativity Scenes in Granda, an ideal route linking the major nativity scenes in the Cuneo area.

  • Villanova Solaro - Electromechanical nativity scene in the parish hall, open from Saturday 25 December 2021 to Sunday 9 January 2022 - The nativity scene is a realistic and detailed representation of the valleys and rural environments that characterise this part of the Granda province, where Cuneo tradition and folklore are brought to life by animated characters who nostalgically bring to life the arts and crafts typical of the past. Over the years, some of the town's historical buildings have been included, such as: the nursery school in liberty style, the church dedicated to the patron saint in Romanesque style with the rectory in Piedmontese Gothic style, the Solaro castle, dating back to the 13th century, the sanctuary of the Madonna della Noce and the town hall complex. And as a backdrop to a miniature landscape, Monviso the "King of Stone" has been placed.
  • Verduno - Traveller's Nativity at the Sanctuary of the Blessed Valfrè open from Wednesday 8th December 2021 to Sunday 16th January 2022. The "traveller's" Nativity is set up in Verduno in the evocative Sanctuary of Beato Valfrè. Each year the visitor crosses new countries and approaches different cultures, passing from Latin American to European landscapes, from the atmospheres of black Africa to the charm of the Sahara desert, from Palestinian and Middle Eastern settings to Indian and Far Eastern suggestions. The 2021/2022 edition presents the settings of Andean Bolivia, Southern France, Palestine and Nepal. 
  • Paesana - Traditional nativity scene visible from Wednesday 8 December 2021 to Sunday 16 January 2022. The scenery is made up of simple materials found in the surrounding woods (moss, roots, primroses, etc.) put together thanks to the imagination and skill of the people who set it up. There are stone houses, bonsai trees, a stream that feeds a small lake, clouds with angels on them, the sky with the moon and stars, and mountains with our beautiful Monviso. The statues are in plaster, recovered from the parish and carefully restored. There are several "santons de Provence".
  • Diano d'Alba - Exhibition of artistic nativity scenes from Friday 24 December 2021 to Friday 7 January 2022 After a year of forced hiatus we would like to try to "be born again"...and what could be better than being born again with Baby Jesus! Jesus who comes back to be born among us to bring peace to all people of good will. The Exhibition of Nativity Scenes returns and the Cultural Centre invites everyone to participate in large numbers. 
  • Piasco - Stradafacendo...natale! from Saturday 18 December 2021 to Sunday 16 January 2022 67 nativity scenes and Christmas trees await you.
  • Cuneo - Itinerary nativity scenes Nativity scenes in the Cathedral and the churches in the historic centre visible from Wednesday 8 December 2021 to Wednesday 2 February 2022. Inside the Cathedral in Via Roma, there is a large Palestinian-style nativity scene created by the President and Master Nativity Worker Salvatore Vento. At the Church of Sant'Ambrogio: a majestic nativity scene of the Neapolitan school and 18th-century symbolism is set up, augmented by new 'shepherds'. The Neapolitan artist Aniello Gaudino takes part. 
  • Beinette - 5th "Nativities in Crusà" exhibition visible from Saturday 18th December 2021 to Sunday 9th January 2022
  • Cuneo - San Paolo Artistic-Mechanical Nativity Scene at the Salone Interrato Oratorio Nuovo and inside the Parish Church of San Paolo visible from Wednesday 8 December 2021 to Sunday 9 January 2022. 
  • Vernante - Mechanical Nativity Scene at Confraternita Vicolo Molino Sottano from Friday 24th December 2021 to Sunday 9th January 2022.


Wednesday 8 December 2021 / Wednesday 2 February 2022

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