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01-03-2021 / 15-05-2021


The following provisions must be observed throughout the Piemonte region - yellow area:

  • Transfers. It is allowed to move within the Region and between “yellow” Regions from 5am to 10pm. It is also allowed to move within “orange” or “red” Regions for work, necessity or health, as well as for people with the “Green Covid-19 Certification” proving the vaccination status or recovery from the infection (validity 6 months) or carrying out a rapid molecular or antigen test with negative result (validity 48 hours). It is possible to reach the second home although in orange or red zone, as long as you move with the family unit only and the house is not occupied by others. From 10pm to 5am you must always demonstrate that your move is for reasons of work, health, necessity.
  • Transports. For local public transport and regional railways, the load factor cannot exceed 50%.
  • Exhibitions, museums and shows. Museums and exhibitions reopen with limited admissions, masks and temperature measurement at the entrance: on Saturdays and public holidays the service is provided if the entrance has been booked online or by phone at least one day in advance. Cinemas, theatres, concert halls, live clubs with pre-assigned seats and a distance of 1m (except cohabitants) reopen: the maximum capacity allowed is 50%, and in any case not exceeding 500 spectators indoor and 1,000 outdoor, the mask is mandatory. Discos remain closed.
  • Business activities. On public holidays and pre-holidays, the shops inside the shopping centres are closed, with the exception of pharmacies, para-pharmacies, health centres, food outlets, florists, tobacconists, newsagents, bookshops, hairdressers and beauty centres. In any case, retail commercial activities are carried out on condition that it is ensured, in addition to the interpersonal distance of at least 1 m, that the entrances take place in a delayed manner and that it is prevented from staying inside the premises longer than the time necessary to purchase the goods.
  • Catering. Opening of bars and restaurants until 10pm, also with lunch and dinner provided outdoors: only table service is allowed, maximum 4 people (except cohabitants), at a distance of 1m. Home delivery is always allowed
  • Sports and physical activity. It is allowed any outdoor sporting activity, including team and contact sports, but without public; the use of the locker rooms remains prohibited. Competitive sporting events recognized as of national interest are reopened to the public with a provision of the Coni or the Paralympic Committee: the maximum capacity allowed is 25%, and in any case not exceeding 1,000 spectators outdoor and 500 indoor.
  • Ceremonies. Religious functions with the participation of people can be carried out, as long as they comply with the protocols signed by the Government with their respective confessions
  • School. Face-to-face teaching for kindergartens, primary and lower secondary schools; face-to-face teaching from 70 to 100% for high schools.








Monday 1 March 2021 / Saturday 15 May 2021

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