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Ivrea (TO) 06-05-2021 / 09-05-2021
ECA Canoe Slalom European Championships


The spotlights of the international limelight are focused again on Ivrea and Canavese, which will host the ECA Canoe Slalom European Championships from May 6th to 9th: 190 athletes, representing 26 nations, will compete for the title of European Slalom and Extreme Slalom 2021 Champion, categories K1 male and female, C1 male and female, during four days of competitions at the highest levels of competitiveness on the rapids of the Dora Baltea at the Canoe Stadium which, with a 4th-degree difficulty on a scale of 6, is the Italian Federal Centre and ranks among the 10 best channels in the world, as well as being the only one running through the heart of a town.

The competitions will also award the qualification for the berth still to be allocated for the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games in the C1 men category, and in this context Italia, Germany and Russia are the nations most accredited to win it; some of the national teams present will also define the composition of their teams participating in the Games on the basis of the results of these European Championships.

The technical manager of the “Azzurri”, Daniele Molmenti, was Olympic champion at the London 2012 Games in the K1 slalom category, a category in which he also won a World Cup, two world titles, five continental  awards and 24 Italian ones; Giovanni De Gennaro, Christian De Dionigi, Jakob Wenger (winner of the 2018 World Championships precisely in the waters of Ivrea) and Stefanie Horn compete among others, all already with their ticket to the Olympics.

In compliance with the anti-pandemic rules established for major sporting events, the event will take place without the presence of spectators.


Thursday 6 May 2021 / Sunday 9 May 2021


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