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Torino (TO) 05-05-2019 / 13-10-2019
Maratona Reale

A marathon over four stages among sports, arts and nature with the magnificent background of the Royal Residences
The world of running in Piemonte is gearing up for the innovative “Maratona Reale” in stages; four appointments organised by Base Running, totaling 42.195 Km. The impact of this route through fairy-tale landscapes, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is also unique: we start on 5 May from the Torino city centre and finish at the court of the Palazzina di Caccia (Hunting Lodge) in Stupinigi (TUTTADRITTA). 
The second appointment is on 16 June at the Castello di Moncalieri (Moncalieri Castle), the third on 8 September starting this time from the Palazzina di Caccia (Hunting Lodge) in Stupinigi; the final act on 13 October for the Base Running grand classic event of the season, “Una Corsa da Re” (A King’s run) at the Reggia di Venaria and the Mandria. 


Sunday 5 May 2019 / Sunday 13 October 2019
Open: Sunday
Open: Sunday 5 May 2019, Sunday 16 June 2019, Sunday 8 September 2019, Sunday 13 October 2019

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