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Rivara (TO) 15-10-2019 / 30-12-2019
Una Montagna di Gusto

Discovering the Canavese Valleys: taste, hospitality, knowledge of making for km0 dinners and lunches, with typical menus and local raw materials. Booking required.
Every day for lunch and dinner Tre Re Restaurant - Castellamonte and Da Mauro Restaurant - Cuorgnè; every day for dinner Principe d’Oro Restaurant - Vidracco; every Thusday for dinner La Sosta Tavern - Settimo Vittone and Antica Locanda dell’Orco - Rivarolo Canavese; on Friday 8 November for dinner Ebbie’s Restaurant - San Francesco al Campo; on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 for dinner and on Sunday 17 for lunch La Terra di Mezzo Farmhouse - Castellamonte; on Saturday 16 for dinner L’Incontro Restaurant - Meugliano; on Saturday 16 and 23 late afternoon Gnavi Cellar - Caluso; on Saturday 23 for dinner Cascina Marcellina Restaurant - Cintano; on Sunday 24 morning Gnavi Cellar - Caluso; on Saturday 7 December from 5 to 8pm Massoglia Farm - Agliè; on Sunday 15 open doors all day long at Gnavi Cellar - Caluso.


Tuesday 15 October 2019 / Monday 30 December 2019

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